Are You Certifiable? – How To Use Technology Driven Certifications & Attestations for Stress Free Compliance

This white paper lays out best practices for compliance teams to consider when using RegTech for certifications & attestations and provides practical, actionable insights.

Certification and Attestation distribution, no matter the size of your firm or business type, is one of the more difficult, time-consuming and paper intensive processes compliance professionals are tasked with. With RegTech making a splash in 2017, firms are naturally looking to look to technology to enhance effectiveness, reduce operational inefficiencies and drive better reporting.

This white paper explores and advises on:

  • Best practices in certifications & attestations
  • Increase cost efficiencies and reduce risk using RegTech solutions
  • Build a demonstrable culture of compliance
  • Reduce stress in the certification & attestation process
Certifications Using Compliance Software

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