A conversation over coffee: an interview with Bill Mahoney

Name: Bill Mahoney 

Title: Chief Customer Officer 

Time with ComplySci:  One year is mid-October 2022! 

First and foremost, can you tell us a little bit about your team? What does an average day look like?  

An average day includes spending time with my team and my peers, focused on ensuring our clients get the full potential ROI from our platform and services.  

My goal is to spend 50% of my time with my team or with customers. This time investment helps inform how we continue to refine and improve our focus to help compliance officers sleep better at night, knowing all their details for their program are attended to with ComplySci’s help.   

The ComplySci portfolio of firms is known for our unmatched level of customer service. What do think it is that sets us apart? How did the team get to that point? What are some of the ways you and your team strive to outdo themselves each day?  

There are always two things we are trying to think about when it comes to our customers: 

  1. How can we help everyone in the way that they can most easily absorb and put into practice? 
  1. How do we bring the customer’s voice and experience with the platform back to our organization so that we can invest in the improvements and innovations which make their lives easier? 

We tend to double down on speed, the faster we can get CCOs the answers they are looking for, the faster they can get back to making sure their core responsibilities are met.   

The team has a rare gift for continuing to try different and new approaches to help customers. Videos, webinars, connecting with fellow compliance professionals to share best practices, it’s all part of the way we try to see what fits, improve things that work and quickly toss aside ideas that aren’t helpful. Every day I appreciate my team’s ability to be flexible and creative in their approach.   

Speaking of portfolio of firms, how has the acquisition of RIA-in-a-Box, ITEGRIA, NRS and illumis benefited the customer support team?  

What an excellent group of team members our new acquisitions have brought into the customer experience mix!  They have consistently added tangible idea generation, improving our methodology to best care for our customers.

It has been exciting to see the team grow, learn and respond to one another in a noticeably short amount of time. They have really bonded quickly on behalf of our customers. 

What are some of your long-term goals for the customer team? How do you plan to meet customer needs today, tomorrow or even five years from now?  

What I’m thinking about now is how we become the first resource they turn to when they have questions about their compliance program, beyond just the scope of our platform.

Training our team to be the most knowledgeable resource in this space will take us a long way to growing our offerings and program. To do that, we need to understand our CCO’s world as best as possible.  

What’s the best part about your team? And the best part about the entire team across our portfolio of firms?   

I love how the team dives in and goes about idea generation, trying different approaches to meet our customer’s needs. That’s the thing which has been most welcoming. I see initiatives get started quickly and with resolve. I’ll say an idea out loud and I’ll have people coming back to me with true concepts in motion. They take action, all in service to our customers. It’s amazing to watch.  

Finally, we have to know, what’s your go-to coffee order?  

I’m not a huge coffee guy but on the occasion I grab one, I always reach for a white chocolate mocha.