A Conversation Over Coffee: An Interview with Will Bressman

Name: Will Bressman

Title: President

Number of Years with RIA in a Box: 10.5 Years

Q: RIA in a Box was recently acquired by ComplySci, tell us a little about how you see that partnership evolving and the benefits to both the organizations as well as the customers?

A: It’s very exciting to find a partner where there is so much alignment. Both companies clearly care so much about delivering an incredible customer experience while building an internal company culture that deeply values the contributions we all make towards that goal. From our first conversations, it was clear we had a “kindred spirit” in partnering with ComplySci!

For our customers, we can envision a future where we really enhance the existing MyRIACompliance platform with more investment and resources. As an example, we can expect augmentation of offerings such as trade monitoring and employee tools.

Overall, we hope this expedites our efforts to create a complete “end-to-end” compliance and operational platform for financial services firms of all sizes.

Q: How would you describe your long-term vision for RIA in a Box within the ComplySci family?

A: Building on the answer above, RIA in a Box is the premier End-to-End Compliance, Cybersecurity, and Operational platform for all RIAs. For RIA firms, adding more resources and tools from within the ComplySci family to continue to enhance that value proposition is very motivating. For the larger financial services sector, we are excited to provide the integral RIA tools currently in use in categories such as firm cybersecurity, compliance, and overall ops to a broader target customer.

Q: Speaking of the customer, from your perspective, what are some of the biggest challenges facing compliance teams at RIAs today?

A: The vast majority of the RIA industry is seeking to create high quality and efficient compliance and operations. Our customers provide such a great service to their customers; helping set up secure financial futures for Americans of all stripes. As a result, we view our mission as highly integral to the success of both our customers and their customers, providing high quality and efficient solutions which reduce the complexity of an ever-evolving regulatory and cybersecurity landscape.

RIA firms are facing new continuing education requirements, new priorities from the SEC, and a threatening cybersecurity landscape. We wake up every day with the goal to offer software and solutions to assist firms with that meaningful responsibility .

Q: RIA in a Box is known for, “put[ting] the client first by delivering innovative software and expert advice.” What innovations can we look forward to from your team this year?

A: We have some very exciting RIA-specific tools for cybersecurity which really help protect the hybrid work environment within which many RIA firms now operate.

Additionally, we are very excited about our continuing education product release. This is a new mandated requirement in the RIA world, with the first states rolling out requirements in 2022 and the rest soon to follow. By integrating continuing education into our MyRIACompliance platform, it’s another way we can streamline RIA firm responsibilities without having firms sacrifice quality or efficiency in this new requirement.

Q: To wrap us up, what is your go-to coffee order?

A: I’m an americano guy with no milk!