Amy Kadomatsu

A Conversation Over Coffee: An Interview with Amy Kadomatsu

Name: Amy Kadomatsu

Title: Chief Executive Officer

Number of Years with ComplySci: 3+ years

Q: 2021 was a big year for ComplySci, can you talk a little bit about the gains you and your team have made and how you think that will impact the organization moving forward?

A: In the past 12 months, ComplySci has taken huge leaps forward. Not only have we seen enormous organic growth, but we’ve welcomed three new organizations to the team! This is a truly exciting time as we begin to integrate our acquisitions both in terms of platform functionalities as well as individual teams (and team members). Everyone brings something unique to the table, which has equipped our organization with the capabilities to serve compliance officers and teams holistically, offering best-in-class solutions, service, and support.

We haven’t yet fully realized the scope of impact that this growth will have on the company. However, the companies we acquired expanded not only our capabilities, but the industries and organization types we are able to serve. And with that, we’ve moved ComplySci that much closer to our North Star goal of being the first call for compliance officers.

Q: Speaking of acquisitions, what was your thought process around acquiring each of the three organizations?

A: We wanted to grow our organization and our capabilities, but even more critically, we wanted to do so in a strategic manner that would serve our customers today and in the future. Keeping that in mind, the acquisition process has been fairly arduous, with an in-depth examination into how each new acquisition would help us to better support our company, our team, and our customers. Each of the three acquisitions (NRS, a ComplySci Company; illumis, a ComplySci Company; and RIA in a Box) has brought with them a pivotal aspect for our future success. Whether it was a distinct capability we did not have or an industry we hadn’t yet fully tapped into, we saw growth opportunity with these organizations, leveraging our solutions and talent to meet our North Star vision.

Q: I think it’s fair to say ComplySci really hit a growth spurt in the last year. That kind of growth coupled with the current (rather unpredictable) environment can easily lead to disaster. How have you managed to navigate a path of success and align every team member within your organization to continue to drive value for the customer?

A: Within the past two years we have seen pivotal change within our organization. And I would wager, we weren’t alone in that. COVID-19 caused a drastic shift that left entire industries upended. But in that same time, we’ve seen enormous growth across every level. We have also seen how our teams can adjust and adapt, taking on new challenges and working together to continue in our pursuit of our North Star vision.

But let’s take a step back. At ComplySci, we have three core values around which we align our teams and our larger organizational culture:

  1. How Can I Help?
  2. Team Before Ego
  3. Hungry For More

Each of these tenets has helped to shape the team that we are today and will continue to serve as a guide for our future growth. By creating a culture around these three core values, we have been able to ensure that every individual feels like they are part of a team that has a clear vision and a clear path forward. Because at the end of the day, it’s the team, not any one individual, that shapes our success. And as an organization, we are all willing to put in the work together to meet our goals and create ongoing value for our customers.

Q: Since you mentioned it, how do you think this growth will impact your current and future customers’ experiences with you?

A: Our main focus is, and will always be, to best serve compliance teams, providing them with the tools they need to automate processes and bring increasing strategic value to their own organizations. Each step we have taken in the past year has been made with that sole strategic vision in mind. Our North Star is our customer, and by growing our capabilities, we expand our ability to best serve our customers today, tomorrow, and even a decade from now.  

Q: You’ve mentioned your “North Star” strategic vision a few times, can you expand on that a little?

A: Our North Star strategic vision is to become the first call for compliance officers, leveraging our expertise within the compliance industry to become the trusted source for information and insight. And in doing so, become the brand name organizations think of first when they think compliance.

Q: What are some of your long-term goals and how do you plan to progress toward those goals in 2022?

A: Guided by that North Star vision, my major goal is simple: continue our growth both this year and in the years to come, fully integrating our acquisitions to create one of, if not the most, powerful compliance solutions on the market.

For us, it isn’t just about disrupting the industry, but really looking at the needs and challenges of compliance officers and their teams. Determining how we can best serve customer needs, filling in any gaps or expanding any of their own capabilities to help compliance teams automate processes, build out more holistic programs, and provide increasing strategic value.

Q: To wrap us up, what is your go-to coffee order?

A: This is a hard one! There was a time when my order was an iced “quad” blonde espresso (i.e. 4 shots), but over the days of COVID (without a barista nearby), I have come to terms with 2 cups of Starbucks’ Veranda blend (the blonde roast) via my trusty Keurig. It’s always on, just in case!