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How ComplySci’s new and improved compliance reporting capabilities help you work smarter not harder.

Reporting – a must for every compliance team. Whether you’re documenting your findings from regularly scheduled compliance reviews or simply providing detailed information to your C-suite, within the world of compliance, reporting is one of the most crucial points of communication.

It can also be one of the most frustrating and tedious tasks within compliance. Especially for those organizations who are either completely reliant on Excel or use a kind of “Frankensteined” approach, gathering data across multiple technologies and siloes.

Which begs the question, shouldn’t this be easier? After all, we are in 2022 not 1922.

New and improved compliance reporting with ComplySci

The ComplySci platform was designed to streamline your entire compliance process, including the reporting.

After working with countless clients and gathering real-world feedback on what’s really useful in a reporting tool, we sought to redesign our reporting functionality to bring to market a reporting tool that truly makes your life easier.

To that end, our new reporting functionality provides:

  • Enhanced reporting flexibility within the platform.
  • More in-depth returns and details, providing highly targeted reporting.
  • Increased customization, including user profile points.
  • Detailed transaction reporting.
  • Easy-to-use interface.

The ComplySci team has continuously released reporting updates over the last few months, with the final release scheduled for early May. These new updates mean:

  • You can stop working in and relying on Excel.
  • You can create customized reports that reflect your firm-specific requirements.
  • You can drill down to the details and information necessary for your reports.
  • You can duplicate report requirements to easily access regularly requested reports.
  • You can spend less time working on gathering and reporting and more time analyzing the results to help improve you overarching compliance program.

You’d be hard pressed to find a compliance professional that hasn’t heard the old saying, “If you didn’t document it, it didn’t happen.” Or some version therein. And reporting? That’s your documentation.

With reporting playing such a critical role, it’s important for your team to have access to real-time data and trends. After all, old, outdated reports are almost as bad as no reporting at all. And that’s where ComplySci’s new reporting modules can help.

Ready to remove Excel from your reporting process entirely? Schedule a demo to learn about ComplySci’s API integrations, and how we can help take your reporting from manual to automatic.