ComplySci is now a COMPLY company!

As the title suggests, we have some big news to share! ComplySci, RIA in a Box, NRS and illumis are now part of the COMPLY portfolio of firms. The announcement of our new parent brand, COMPLY, represents the culmination of our teams work and dedication to bringing together our teams to benefit our clients and employees, and our ability to serve the regulatory compliance industry.

From ComplySci to COMPLY, our journey to becoming a portfolio of firms

This process began back in 2021, with the acquisitions of NRS, illumis and, finally, RIA in a Box. These strategic acquisitions broadened the scope of what we offer our clients, and how we could best solve their core compliance challenges. It was just the first step toward though on our way to becoming the COMPLY portfolio of firms.

So, how exactly did we come up with the name COMPLY? And better yet, why?

Before choosing a name, a brand or a direction, we spoke with you and your peers. We conducted countless interviews with leading compliance professionals to find out what your most pressing challenges really are and what keeps you up at night. This endeavor allowed us to dig deeper into what motivates, challenges and propels our customers.

The result – COMPLY!

COMPLY is a bold declaration, which speaks directly to our passion for and expertise in regulatory compliance.

At COMPLY, we are singularly focused on being the champion for compliance professionals and the meticulous, detail-oriented perfectionists who make up their teams.​

We lead the market with the solutions and expertise necessary to tackle core compliance challenges head-on and stay up to date with the ever-changing regulatory landscape. We are an extension of our clients and their teams, driving effective compliance programs with precision and accuracy.​

“The launch of the parent brand COMPLY signifies a significant step forward for our organization and our clients,” said COMPLY CEO Amy Kadomatsu. “We have spent the past year working tirelessly to merge our companies together in a way that benefits and bolsters both our clients and our employees. We are thrilled to finally be able to share with the world that we are the COMPLY portfolio of firms!”

Check out the full COMPLY website to learn more about our portfolio of firms and how we can help you achieve compliance perfection!