Making it mobile: employee trade monitoring on the go

Let’s do a quick experiment. Take out your phone and look at all the apps you have downloaded. Chances are you have an app for shopping, streaming, slacking, banking, investing. So, why not have an app for your employee trade monitoring?

Now, you do.

With the introduction of the ComplySci mobile app, employee trade monitoring just got a little bit more portable.

Mobilizing your employee trade monitoring with ComplySci

During a recent live webinar, we surveyed compliance professionals across the spectrum of financial services, asking them what they found to be the most critical characteristic of a compliance technology and vendor. Their answer?

As a compliance professional serving a financial advisory firm, chances are, you constantly field preclearance requests from your firm’s employees. And, whether you’re tasked with approving or denying five or 500 requests, historically that has meant time spent locked to your desk and your desktop.

But what happens when your chief executive officer (CEO) requests a trade after work hours? Or say, an employee sees a new stock opportunity they want to take advantage of in that moment? Because in reality, employee trading isn’t confined to working hours.

The ComplySci mobile app was designed to alleviate those exact points of friction, enabling employees to submit trades at their pace and allowing you and your compliance team to approve or deny those trades in real-time – even if you aren’t anywhere near your computer.

And the result?

  1. When employees can engage when, where and how they want – and with an easy-to-use tool – they are much more likely to participate in the process. Meaning you spend less time surprised by unapproved trades.
  2. An app that allows for documented notes and conversations = all trading documentation contained in one place. So, when or if an exam ever takes place, you have all the records easily available.
  3. The app is wherever you are. Say goodbye to being locked at your desk awaiting preclearance requests.

Available now on both iPhone and Android devices, the ComplySci mobile app will enable:

  1. Preclearance trade requests including:
    • Personal trading.
    • Private investment.
    • Political contributions.
    • Gifts and entertainment.
  2. Self-Reporting.
  3. Account Profile updates.
  4. Support contact.

Our lives are mobile, and now so is your employee trade monitoring. For more information on the ComplySci app or any feature of the ComplySci platform, schedule a demo today!