5 Successful Onboarding Practices in a Regulated Environment

Global Diversity Awareness Month: a celebration of diversity

This year, to commemorate Global Diversity Month, we sat down with ComplySci’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Amy Kadomatsu to discuss diversity and inclusion in the workplace – and how ComplySci, and its portfolio of companies, is leading the charge to celebrate each and every employee and their unique background.

What does it mean to you to work in a globally diverse environment?

For our organization, being globally diverse means being intentional about how we hire people. It means that when you look around you both feel that there are others who get your perspective, and that there are others who you can learn from because they are different from you. It means that the executive team and employees can feel that they can be their authentic self – because there is no one archetype which is the key to being successful in an organization.

As the CEO, it means being intentional about the board and the Extract, Transform and Load process (ETL) to ensure that we have a variety of voices at the table. We have embraced the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT), a cognitive aptitude test which has allowed us to broaden the scope of who we hire and the backgrounds they are from. This has allowed us to increase our ability to hire those from different backgrounds with different skill sets without fear of affinity bias.

What do you believe are the first steps in celebrating the diversity of your organization in an authentic way?

Part of being inclusive involves reducing artificial barriers within the organization, ensuring access that crosses boundaries which might be in place. To ensure we do that from the start, our executive team makes it a point to meet with every new employee within the first few weeks of starting their career at ComplySci. Employees can see for themselves the diversity of interests, backgrounds and perspectives we have in the organization which in turn empowers them to progress in their journey with us.

We like to hire not only diverse candidates, but those with a diverse background that may not be “typical” for the role. We have many employees who led previous lives as teachers, military personnel, journalists, clothing designers, podcasters and more. We celebrate everyone’s past and hope that they bring not only their full selves, but also their previous experiences, to work every day.

What practices have you implemented at ComplySci to create a workplace environment that celebrates diversity?

At ComplySci, our values are: hungry for more, team before ego and how can I help?

Hungry for More celebrates learning, growth and improvement – and is at the core of our ability to learn about each other and celebrate each other’s perspectives, self and family. We use our monthly town hall meeting to speak about the “hard” things occurring in the world, giving us a forum to recognize, address and open the dialog between our personal and work lives. These topics include George Floyd and the numerous attacks on people of color, the restriction of health care rights after the Roe v. Wade decision and the recessionary fears and how they affect our employees, their families and their communities.

How do you go about launching and growing employee resource groups?

Now that we have combined so many organizations to make up our new ComboCo, we are finally large enough to incorporate employee resources groups to celebrate all the diversity within our staff. In the past, we had a Women of ComplySci group as well as a Women in Tech group, but we can really expand on that initial concept with our 300+ employees.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) can be particularly effective across remote teams and is a primary focus for our 2023 cultural initiatives because it is such an excellent way to foster cross-functional interaction in a post-pandemic environment.  

Launching these groups decidedly must come from the employees who represent them. ComplySci has such a robust, diverse employee base that building and organizing from within instead of top down is imperative. In terms of launch we will:

  • Identify teams and groups that are represented throughout our organization.
  • Elevate and nominate individuals to organize teams that are meaningful to them.
  • Monitor engagement.

How does diversity impact the workplace?

I am a firm believer that diversity begets diversity. So many women and men have told me specifically that they preferred us over other opportunities because of our diverse employee population or because I am a woman CEO. It’s humbling to hear that, and I can only hope to rise to the challenge!

At ComplySci, we promote diversity and inclusion in all areas of business, and we hire great people who love what they do. Sound like a place you want to work? We’re hiring.