3 Strategies for Successful Compliance Program Management

3 Strategies for Successful Compliance Program Management

Did you know?

In 2019, despite the 4-week government shutdown, the SEC filed 862 enforcement actions making it the 2nd highest of all-time. It’s easy to think that with all of the change and uncertainty in the world right now, the SEC examinations might be slowing down. But if history has shown us anything, it’s that the SEC is incredibly resilient.

With quick and thorough action, the SEC has moved its workforce and procedures to run at full speed remotely. This means remote examinations are becoming the new norm for firms around the country. As firms focus on updating Business Continuity Plans and maintaining compliance, it’s important that they leverage data and technology to manage remote teams and thoroughly review, assess, and document compliance activities. This can be the difference between a successful or stressful examination. Manual processes that were once at the heart of compliance are now being reconsidered, and for firms that haven’t taken the leap, it’s time to embrace the transformation.

In a recent webinar with the experts at Vigilant Compliance, we covered some key takeaways for successful compliance program management.

Here’s Our Top 3 Best Practices:

  • Technology can help compliance officers maintain a regulatory compliance calendar with ease
  • Compliance officers can use technology to continually review, assess, and update any necessary compliance policies and procedures
  • Technology helps compliance officers simplify compliance tasks, from daily regulatory requirements to annual compliance reviews, to ensure that obligations are met

To access the full webinar recording, reach out to info@complysci.com.