Control Room Compliance: How Firms Can Navigate Conflict Management

The Best Things Come When You Least Expect It: Our Partnership with K1 Investment Management

By Amy Kadomatsu, Chief Executive Officer

As we came out of the year of COVID-19 and began to march to the beat of our own drum in 2021, something interesting happened.  As you know, it’s often that good things come at the most unexpected times. 

We’ve known K1 for years, as K1 Investment Management has been a customer of ours since 2016.  And when Hasan, Roy, and their team approached us, considering an investment was the furthest thing from our minds – we had great momentum, were in the middle of launching our Control Room and Conflicts of Interest products and just generally focused on building a great company.  What became clear as we continued to think about our partnership was that Roy, Hasan, and the K1 team have a clear passion for the space and are aligned with our mission.  In addition to that, their investments in other RegTech companies such as Smarsh, Digital Reasoning, and FMG Suite set them apart.   

This growth capital is adding fuel to the fire so we can invest in every part of our business to achieve our mission to set the standard for the future of tech-empowered employee compliance.  We are excited to partner with K1 on this journey, and most importantly, grateful to our dedicated customers across the financial services sector for their support and trust in ComplySci.