Compliance Administration

Regardless of whether your financial services firm is subject to SEC, FINRA, FSA, state, or other regulatory oversight, the ComplySci Platform can make managing your compliance program easier and more effective. With restricted and watch list management solutions customized to meet your organization’s specific needs and more than 175 automated broker feeds, ComplySci gives you the compliance administration tools you need to meet your regulatory obligations.

Restricted/Watch List Management Software

Without an effective restricted list or watch list management solution, conflicts of interest can arise from employee trades. There’s a real risk that restricted trades will be missed in the preclearance process or that trades that should have been allowed will be denied.

The ComplySci Platform’s restricted/watch list management software allows you to create and maintain an unlimited number of restricted, watch, and allowed lists, and to customize those lists by employee group or role as appropriate. You can create rules and restrictions based on industry, security type, market capitalization, blackout periods, and more. When these lists and rules are automatically applied, you can be more confident that your preclearance process is working optimally.

Automated Broker Feeds

With electronic broker feeds from more than 175 sources and a robust data normalization process, ComplySci’s clients rely on the accuracy and integrity of the data underlying the employee trade monitoring process.

Data from automated broker feeds is normalized and available to firms on a T+1 basis. In addition to feeds from brokerage and clearing firms, ComplySci can also receive data directly from HR systems, order management systems, and FTP uploads. You can rest easy knowing that your compliance team has easy access to real-time data about the health of your broker feeds, so any problems can be addressed right away.

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