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Broker-Dealer firms that are buying and selling securities for either themselves or their customers are regulated in the United States by both the SEC and FINRA. This oversight requires adherence to FINRA Rules 3270 and 3280 and FINRA Rules 3012 and 3013 and can extend to non-US firms that provide services to US investors. Firms also face an evolving regulatory landscape where compliance failures have brought severe penalties, lawsuits, and reputational damage.

ComplySci’s employee compliance software digitally transforms compliance with customized workflows around Code of Ethics policies. We help compliance officers who are responsible for security regulation track conflicts of interest related to personal trading, gifts and entertainment, political contributions, outside business activities, marketing materials, IPOs, and private placements. 

Broker Dealer Compliance Program

Reduce Risk

Protect Your Reputation

Managing potential conflicts of interest is a critical piece of the consumer protection regulations covered in your firm’s policies and procedures. The penalties for brokerage firms that fail to comply with FINRA rules can range from monetary fines to expulsion from the industry. As a broker-dealer, you can leverage compliance infrastructure capabilities to manage personal trading, gifts & gratuities, pay-to-play, and other potential conflicts.


Modernize Compliance

Regulators are increasingly leveraging technology to find rule violations.  A modern, efficient compliance program uses software to ensure compliance teams are ahead of regulators and ready for examinations. ComplySci can also reduce the amount of time spent on data gathering by as much as 60 percent and allow you to respond to changing regulations with confidence and agility.

Shift your focus

Create Strategic Value

If you oversee compliance at a brokerage firm, you need compliance technology designed to help you meet your regulatory obligations and demonstrate your commitment to helping the firm focus on core business functions.