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In order to protect their investors and clients, Investment Advisors are required to implement compliance programs and policies to meet regulatory requirements. Implementing technology can help advisors test compliance programs to identify gaps and risks. 

ComplySci helps compliance professionals monitor employee conflicts of interest related to personal trading, gifts and entertainment, political contributions, outside business activities, marketing materials, IPOs, and private placements. ComplySci empowers investment advisors to stay ahead of risks, helping to gain and maintain client trust.

“The rules of the road have changed, and leading Compliance organizations are embracing a new, innovation-driven mindset.”

Accenture 2018 Compliance Risk Study


Safeguard Your Firm’s Reputation

When firm preclearance requests, disclosures, and approvals are managed in email or outdated technology solutions, there are inherit risks of human oversight when reconciling employee requests with actions. By automating preclearance and disclosure workflow, while directly collecting holdings and transactions details from brokers, ComplySci makes it easy to flag inconsistencies in employee behavior and address potential risks before they are uncovered during an examination.


Protect Your Clients

When an investment advisor is charged with an enforcement action, the firm faces costs associated with business disruption, productivity losses, lost revenue, fines, penalties, and settlements costs; these not only weaken a client’s trust, but also often dilutes the client’s returns. Implementing a solution like ComplySci demonstrates firm-wide compliance and mitigates risks related to employee activities, giving your clients confidence that they are making a smart investment.


Unlock the Strategic Potential of Compliance

When your employee conflict of interest policy is manually monitored, the majority of compliance work ends up being administrative. However, by automating compliance tasks, ComplySci reduces time spent monitoring employee activity by 70%, allowing compliance officers to spend more time analyzing and improving the strength of the compliance program.