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Private equity, venture capital, fund of funds, and real estate firms are not only subject to several regulations around employee ethics under the SEC’s Investment Advisors Act, but they are also often facing increased pressure from limited partners to build and maintain a strong compliance program. When firms manually administer certifications and approve preclearance requests, compliance teams are burdened with managing information rather than optimizing the impact of compliance.  

ComplySci digitally transforms compliance by building customized workflows around Code of Ethics policies, empowering compliance officers to focus on data insights rather than data management. With tools built to track conflicts of interest related to personal trading, gifts and entertainment, political contributions, outside business activities, marketing materials, IPOs, and private placements, ComplySci ensures that no potential risks and conflicts of interest go unnoticed. 

“When operational due diligence comes around, your compliance system can make or break your fundraising goals.”

-CCO of a Private Equity Firm
Compliance Monitoring for Private Markets
Reduce Risk

Protect Your Reputation

Regulators are increasingly leveraging technology during examinations to flag non-compliant behavior that a firm may not be aware of. By not only automating compliance workflows but also analyzing underlying data to flag behavior such as insider trading or front-running, ComplySci empowers private fund managers to identify and address potential risks before they are uncovered during an examination


Increase Investor Confidence

Limited partners are increasingly asking for more information about a fund’s compliance program during fundraising and quarterly reporting. For example, ILPA has gradually added new questions about firm compliance programs into their DDQ template. Incorporating a digital compliance system like ComplySci demonstrates a commitment to ethical behavior and can help your firm stand out during fundraising.



Prioritize strategic activities

Compliance officers can wear many hats, but when the majority of their workday is spent manually managing and monitoring employee activity, it can be difficult to prioritize value-add projects. ComplySci takes the manual work out of compliance, freeing up more time to focus on strategic projects.