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Reason #1 to Love ComplySci: Data Quality, Data Quality, Data Quality

Jan 18, 2017

ComplySci has submitted for the 2017 Benzinga Fintech Awards in the categories of Best Analysis Platform and Best Regtech Solution. To remind our valued customers, partners and members of our community why we’re worth your vote, we are publishing the “9 Reasons to Love ComplySci” series – the first of which is below! Enjoy, and be sure to vote!

Data Quality, Data Quality, Data Quality….

Say it three times, but it’s never enough! At ComplySci, we understand that at the core of any successful compliance program is the data that it’s built upon. Without quality, complete and accurate data how can you expect to be confident that you, your firm and its employees are compliant? The simple answer: you can’t be!

ComplySci has spent the last decade working with our 800 clients, encountering thousands of permutations, errors, nuances and exceptions that have enabled us to develop the industry’s most comprehensive and advanced Risk Data Engine. ComplySci processes direct broker feeds from over 144 Retail Brokers with incredible precision and accuracy and our proprietary algorithms normalize, enrich and aggregate all of your employee Code of Ethics and Personal Trading data – ensuring that only clean and contextually relevant data enters the risk repository, ready to provide you with the insights you need to stay ahead of risk.

If you already love ComplySci, show it by voting for us in the Benzinga Fintech Awards now!

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