2022 CCO Playbook

“The past year has been a master class in expecting the unexpected. Heightened regulations, new sanctions and continued shifts in the very nature of work aggregating to create an environment that necessitates agility in every aspect of your compliance program. Not to mention, increased liability – both for CCOs and compliance teams in general – compounding the already pressurized compliance ecosystem. In such a complex environment, knowledge really is power. In the 2022 edition of our CCO Playbook, we aim to provide that knowledge. Analyzing the past to forecast the future, and helping your team expect and adapt to whatever might come next.” – ComplySci CEO Amy Kadomatsu

The 2022 CCO Playbook examines 2021 regulatory activity, as well as the most pressing challenges of 2022, and the strategies you can use to overcome them. Download now for the insight and intel guiding compliance strategies for the coming months!