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The ComplySci platform is built to help you punch above your weight

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Take your firm to the next level

Our advanced digital compliance platform helps you create valuable insights, increase investor confidence, streamline operations and stay ahead of risk. Our technology allows you to shift your focus from time spent monitoring to time spent taking your firm to the next level.

Our Technology

The impact of superior compliance

Reduction in time monitoring employee conflict of interest*
Reduction in time monitoring employee certifications*
$1 billion+
Protection against potential fundraising dollars lost**

*ComplySci User **ComplySci user and CCO of Hedge Fund with $8B+AUM

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Streamline operations

The better your compliance system, the more you can focus on other parts of your business. Whether you’re a small start-up, or a mid-sized firm with hundreds of employees, digital automation can help you streamline operations so you can run more efficiently and reduce costs.

Research shows that as much as 45% of workplace activities can be automated.

KPMG Keeping up with Shifting Compliance Goalposts

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Poised for Growth

Increase investor confidence

Investors today expect you to have a sophisticated digital compliance system in place. It’s become a proof-point that a firm is credible and poised for growth.

When operational due diligence comes around, your compliance system can make or break your fundraising goals.

CCO of a Private Equity Firm