How the ComplySci Platform can help your firm comply with the FCA and AIFMD marketing rules

If you’re regulated by organizations like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD), you know that compliance literally keeps your doors open. The FCA and the AIFMD designs rules and regulations to improve consumers’ confidence in the UK financial system and European markets respectively, and the new marketing rule is no different. To put it bluntly, any firm that threatens this security will face consequences, including fines.

The answer? Investing in the technology, tools and automated processes that will allow you to continue to mitigate risk today and tomorrow.

What the ComplySci Marketing Materials module offers your firm

ComplySci’s Marketing Materials module helps firms manage the submission, review, approval and archival of any external materials through a preclearance and documentation workflow. The module facilitates a clear approval workflow for all external facing documentation and statements, with an audit trail of compliance communications and feedback. Additionally, because the Marketing Materials workflow is seamlessly built into the ComplySci Platform, a firm’s employees can leverage a single solution for all preclearance requests.

But that’s not it! The module also allows users to:

1.Create custom rules.

Build rules to streamline marketing requests based on several factors including distribution channel, audience, number of recipients, first date of use, submitter’s department, etc. Rather than rely on email, ComplySci’s platform enables you to easily build custom workflows that automate and simplify the preclearance and documentation of marketing materials.

2. Access a full document repository.

For marketing materials that may be widely distributed, such as standard investor presentations, your compliance team can share materials in ComplySci’s document repository to ensure quality and version control.

3. Take advantage of flexible request forms.

Leverage ComplySci’s out of the box marketing preclearance forms or build your own to collect the most relevant information for your firm’s specific needs. Instead of keeping track of scattered files, you can store all important marketing materials, such as standard investor presentations, in a single document repository to ensure quality and version control.

4. Stay on track with a complete audit trail of all activities.

Access a full log of marketing materials requests, results and communications for simplified reporting during examinations.

As compliance teams see their responsibilities increase, they need to leverage scalable compliance software to streamline and automate manual activities, such as the preclearance of marketing materials. Less time spent on manual compliance tasks frees compliance teams – like yours – to focus more on revenue-generating activities, ultimately addressing the big picture of risk across the organization.

Download the UK Marketing Rule infographic and find out how ComplySci’s solutions can help your firm can comply with the FCA’s and AIFMD’s marketing rules.