ComplySci Stats: 78% of compliance professionals say most employees support a flexible work policy

As our previous ComplySci Stats post noted, the pandemic has fundamentally changed how we work. Over the last 18 months, firms have shifted to remote work and employees have adjusted, with many individuals finding benefits to their new remote set up. A desire for flexibility is a common theme among employees, and while some organizations are considering remote or hybrid work long term, many financial services firms remain office-centric.   

This trend is highlighted by recent ComplySci Stats surveys of financial services compliance professionals. We asked attendees at our recent ComplySci 101 webinar if they had received feedback from their employees on remote work versus returning to the office full-time and learned:

  • 78% of attendees said most of their employees support a flexible work policy allowing them to work remotely or go into the office as needed

However, when we surveyed attendees at our recent webinar, Navigating Return to Work Policies, we learned:

  • 29% of attendees anticipate a flexible policy offering employees a choice of in-office, hybrid, or remote

Compliance teams are in a unique position as they balance the needs of the organization with regulatory requirements and employee considerations. Whether we return to the office or embrace flexibility for the long term, compliance teams will need to remain agile and leverage technology tools to scale and automate compliance processes to gain more insight into employee activities and their potential impact on the organization.

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